Villa Anneloi

Who are we ?

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Annelore, a Belgian lady, and Loi, a Thai native tour guide met eachother in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They started a small family and their love for pleasing people made them organize a lovely home for tourist to stay and learn about the Thai culture. Together they are Villa ‘AnneLoi’.

Loi is a Thai tour guide and speaks good English. He loves to show his country and habitat to his guests. He does it with lots of passion and enthusiasm. You will have a lot of fun going with him on a tour and also learn so much about the Thai culture and their habits.

Villa Anneloi offers 3 accommodations. Their goal is the give you a ‘Feel at home, far from home’ feeling.

We organize day trips, 2 day trekking in the mountains with Loi and 2 day trips to Pai and Chiang Rai. We offer a week program, organize all, and you can just sit back and enjoy the North of Thailand.

We love to show the well known Thai hospitality in a small setting and with personal service. Would you like to taste the North of Thailand and enjoy our hospitality ? Very,very welcome !